The Dutch Foodie

Who am I?

Hi there,

my name is Tanja and I am a Dutch foodie and very happy living in Cottesloe.

As I am not the only Dutch foodie in Perth, you guys should know that there are heaps of Dutch foodies in town.

We all love good food and good service!


Living in Cottesloe for about 2 1/2 years, I kind of  got used to the australian way of foodie living.

We bought festival chairs to enjoy a picnic at the outdoor cinemas like Somerville at the UWA or to have fish and chips while looking at the sunset at the Indian Ocean.

More important maybe to get the real Aussie foodie feeling, was buying a Weber. Australian folks don´t need further explanation, but for all the others from outside this continent, a Weber is the ultimate BBQ. If you have a Weber, you are on your way to belong to the crowd.

Why I write this blog

I love to eat, to cook and bake, I am very much interested in food.

I’d like to share my thoughts with you about the food we buy, prepare by ourselves or get served and enjoy in Cottesloe.



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